Set Anchor in the Mark Section

I am able to globally set anchors on the Letters but it doesn’t seem to work in the ‘Marks’ (Diacritics) section. This appears to be a bug with version 2.0.1 (727)

On what glyphs specifically did you try? Glyphs 2 changed the handling or marks. Now anchors and composition of accented letters only work with the combining accents.

Oh I see, yes it is Glyphs 2.

I found the documentation on this now. Thank you!

So how do we place them manually? Do we just adjust each individual Glyph, no more global altering?

So you mean how to add anchors to the spacing mark glyphs? You can add an anchor from the context menu, give it a name and position it manually.
Or you rename the spacing marks by adding ‘comb’ to the name. This enables the automatic placement.

Great this works thanks!