Set Kerning

Hey —

This looks really handy! Unfortunately it crashes every time I execute it. Is this known or just sod’s law for me?

OS X 10.6.8, Glyphs 1.4.3

Glyphs crashes under SnowLeopard as soon as a script tries to access a name, unicode or bounds property. This is a known issue. Here is a small perl script to work around these issues (see included Readme).

Hi art —

Many thanks for your help.

I ran the script and I’m no longer crashing! win!

However I’m not seeing the results I was expecting. I thought it would automatically compile similar shapes’ into kerning groups.


I kerned OVO

I was expect it to assign the O group left and right to Oslash, Oacute, Odieresis etc

I understand I can select and edit manually in list view but I thought the point of this script was to automate.

I thought it would set up groups across the board before I even start kerning and I could edit / compress thereafter.

Help appreciated!

Please ignore — I was running the script FROM the preview window. I selected all glyphs in list most, ran, et voila. Another victory for Glyphs. I f**king love this app.

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