Set Kerning Groups unexpected result

Sorry if the answer to this is obvious, but I’m very new to Glyphs and to Python scripting.

I added 250+ characters to an existing font using FontLab Studio 7, but I have been unable to get FLS7 to export the font and retain the kerning for the new characters. After struggling for several hours to figure out why the kerning wouldn’t hold, I reset all the kerning, features, and classes to those in the original font and saved the font as a Glyphs file. In Glyphs, I’m trying to add my new characters to the existing kerning classes using Set Kerning Groups, but the left groups are not being assigned as expected. For example, I have a new character “T” with an overdot diacritic. The character name is “uni1E6A,” and it has two components—“T” and the overdot, which is uni0307.

When I run the script, I was expecting that the kerning groups to which the base character, “T,” belongs would be assigned to uni1E6A; “T2” is on the left, and “T” is on the right. The right group is assigned correctly, but the left is assigned to a group “uni1E6A” instead of “T2.” As nearly as I can tell, there is no group “uni1E6A” in the font.

For some characters, the script does work. For example, “uni1E58”—“R” with an overdot—correctly gets “B” for the left group and “R” for the right group.

Anyone have any idea what might be going on?

Thanks for any help.

The script assumes a few things about your font before doing its guesswork. The component order is assumed to be correct (first base letter, then marks), for instance. And the kerning groups are not set to anything else yet.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to clean up the import first. There is a tutorial called Importing existing fonts, which may help in this case.

Thanks. I’m not sure what you mean by component order, but I will look into that and not the tutorial you suggest.