Setting custom parameters

Hey, Glyphs people!

I’ve been updating some Glyphs2 production scripts to Glyphs3 and everything is going smooth. But I got some issues with the Font Info custom parameters.

For example, these two get set perfectly:

thisFont.manufacturerURL = "URL"
thisFont.license = "LICENSE"

However, these two don’t:

thisFont.licenseURL = "URL"
thisFont.vendorID = "ID"

Any clues of what I am doing wrong?

Extra ball: It seems like thisFont.cleanUpKerning() and thisFont.compressKerning() don’t work in Glyphs3?

Thanks a lot!

Some of the custom parameters moved to And some of those are localizable.

It works now. I’ve modified all the general properties to something similar to this:

thisFont.setProperty_value_languageTag_("vendorID", ID, None)

Thanks, Georg.