Setting Glyphs Tranformations > Metrics > Width to 1024

I’m working on some icon fonts and kind of following the workflow I had with Illustrator and Icomoon, but I’m using Glyphs to create and TransType4 to convert into all the various font formats (also tried out Font Squirrel).

I’m still figuring this out and read that [great article on creating an icon font][1]. I purchased Glyphs Mini and was able to get nice results where I used a 1024 Illustrator vector pasted into my Glyphs Mini where I’m using 1024 as my UPM and I set the width in Transformations > Metrics > Width to 1024 so that the glyph metric lines match my artwork width. I think I’m doing this right, please tell if I’m going about it wrong.

I like Glyphs Mini so much I purchased Glyphs 2. When I try and repeat my steps and I go to the Tranformations > Metrics > Widht the max number is 999. Is there something I can do to make that Metrics Width 1024?


Uh boi, I think I just found the answer poking around. Looks like I click into the info box and make it 1024

You can select all glyph in font view and edit the spacing values in the info box in the lower left.