Setting glyphs unicode values outside of the normal range

Hey there, first post. I love Glyphs and plan to buy it if this specific problem I’m having can be solved.

A couple years back, I designed Iconic (, a free icon set. For some time now, I’ve offered a version of the set as a font that could be embedded in HTML through @font-face to display easily scalable icons on the web. I am trying to revamp the icon set to bind the icons to more appropriate Unicode values. However, many icons I have designed do not have a Unicode equivalent and I will need to define many glyphs within the Unicode ‘Private Use Area’ ( which lives in the F0000 - 10FFFF range.

Here’s the problem. I am having difficulty setting Glyphs to Unicode ranges past ‘FFFF’. Is this a limitation of the software or am I just missing something? Any help for this would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.


There is a private use area in the E000-F8FF range. There are some real codes in between but you will find some free space there.

I will fix the support for the upper plane.

Thanks so much, this is very helpful. I’ll be purchasing this app in the coming days.

@PJOnori how did you get on with this? Did you manage to map to the PUA? Trying to do the exact same thing myself (am making an open-source set of icons, here: )

Hey there,

I’m trying to map one of my glyphs to "U+1F510


This upper plan unicodes are not jet in the official Glyph database. I have a extra file that I can send you that has all the glyphs from Unicode 6.1.

I had to fix some things in the code so this will work with the next update.

Thank you for your fast reply Georg. Depending on how soon you plan to release the next update I’d be ok with waiting for it.

Are you planning to release it withing the next 3-4 weeks?

I think that the new version will be ready in 10 days or so.