Shared glyphs between Masters

In situations where, from a design perspective, certain glyphs between two or more Masters share the same design, is it possible to create a component of sorts to ‘live-link’ these glyphs? To save time updating the same design across multiple Masters? The same concept as components across glyphs within the one Master, but now allowing a Master to ‘borrow’ a glyph from a different Master.

Here is my situation, to provide context: I have Thin, Regular and Heavy Masters. Given the nature of the design, my Regular and Heavy will share the same diacritical marks. I would like to draw the marks once for, say, the Regular, and be able to define the Heavy diacritics as components borrowed from the Regular.

Is this too specific a use-case? Does functionality like this already exist?

Thanks for the help.

P.s. I do know that using these scripts ( I can automatically bring over the paths from one Master to another. However if the paths from one Master are changed, the process needs to be done manually again. A live link would save a lot of time.

That would be a good use case for a custom script. Feel free to adapt the script to your needs. From what you describe, a brace trick is what fits best, the script could recreate the brace layer from the bold master for all diacritics.

Thanks Rainer, great to know! I will bear this in mind for when I learn to create scripts :wink: