Shift+CMD+[] Doesn't switch tabs anymore

Version 2.4.1 (940)
Shift+CMD+[] Doesn’t switch tabs anymore

I changed it to the same shortcut that is used by Safari and the Finder (Ctrl+tab). You can overwrite it to the old keys in System Preferences > Keyboard.

Actually, both the Control-Tab and Shift-Command-] (right bracket) are used as shortcuts to move to the next tab in Safari and Finder. At least in the US versions. fyi.

Also, when Accessibility features are turned on, Control-Tab and Shift-Control-Tab may go to the next dialog instead of switching tabs, per:

I happen to use Shift-Command-] and Shift-Command-[ in Safari, too. Though I try not to change shortcut overrides, I suspect I may put it back, in this case.

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the problem with the Shift+cmd+[] is that it does not work well with some non US keyboards.