Shift select not working (adding selection)

I can’t seem to add nodes or handles to my selection in the latest update; an existing selection becomes unselected when I shift-select other nodes or handles of the path.

Running Glyphs 3.2 (3169) on MacOS Monterey 12.0.1

• Edit: I just noticed this only happens when click-dragging multiple selections.

What tool do you have selected?
Can you make a small screencast of what you are doing?

I hope the difference is clear enough; click-selecting is not a problem, even clicking when holding shift works fine to add curves, nodes or handles to the selection. But whenever I shift-drag for an additional selection, the previous selection disappears (becomes unselected).
This is with both the ‘select’ and ‘select all layers’ tool, I’ve restarted my MacBook, but the issue remains.
I also showed that, when you have a certain selection, and you shift-click-drag over it, it would normally inverse the already selected segments, but it just makes a new selection of the last selection box, even when holding shift.

Can you restart Glyphs without plugins by holding down the Option and Shift key? And see if that makes a difference?

What keyboard layout do you use?

That didn’t seem to work…
I use an azerty keyboard, usually with input source: French - Numerical.
I’ve changed it a few times, but with no result.

What do you mean? Does it still load the plugins? When you done it right, it should show this in the top left corner of the window:
Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 16.36.46

No, I managed to restart with the plugins disabled, I also tried it with different keyboard settings in my system preferences, but the selecting still malfunctions.
This happened after installing 3.2(3169). I also noticed that my personal preferences in the View-menu were all turned off after that (I had not started Glyphs with the plugins disabled yet)
I’ve now installed the newest update 3.2(3170), but the problem still remains.
Again, click-selecting different nodes while holding Shift works fine, but adding nodes to the selection by (Shift) dragging doesn’t work properly.
Also, Shift drag-selecting over an active selection would normally invert the selection, but it just creates a new selection.
I’ve added a new screen recording, in which I’m holding Shift the entire time.

In the video you still have plugins loaded.
And can you do all that with the normal select tool?

And what mouse do you use?

Yes, by then, I had enabled the plugins again so I could continue working.
I wanted to compare the behaviour in Illustrator, where selecting worked fine.
Going back to Glyphs, the issue was suddenly fixed :neutral_face:
Sorry for your time, I have no idea what happened there :exploding_head: