Shortcut Bug ⌘1, 2, 3,

Hello everyone!

I have an issue when changing masters. After switching to a new MacBook, the usual shortcut (⌘1, 2, 3…etc.) For switching masters now works only for all masters except the first one (⌘1) rather it presses ⌘+ zooming in the app.

For pressing ⌘1, 2, 3, etc. I am using the keys right above QWER etc. not a designeted numeral pad keys on the right of the larger Layout of the keyboard.

Before, this was no issue, but now i cant switch to the first master as before I either have to hold ⌘ shift 1 or use the numeral pad keys on the external keyboard.

(Iam using Glyphs 2 version 1363)

What keyboard do you have, meaning what language is it? And what version of MacOS do you have?

I use the czech keyboard with the latest version of MacOS. If I plug the same keyboard with the same settings (in the system) to the old Mac (MacOS Mojave), everything works just fine.

Is there a way to fix that? I’ve tried to set a custom shortcut in the MacOS (for the first time) But i could not find the top panel path tochange the masters. ( eg. Glyphs → File → etc.)

Hope it makes sence.