Shortcut for cycling masters?

Hi there, is there a shortcut to cycle between masters? I have 12 so using CMD+# only works for the first 9 or so, would be super helpful to be able to have a shortcut to go to the next master in the glyph window.

View > Navigation > Next/Previous Master: fn-Opt-up/down on a small keyboard, Opt-PgUp/PgDn on a large keyboard.

Or try one of the plug-ins in the Plugin Manager.

Got it, thanks Rainer!

Is there a way customize shortcuts? The Opt and PgUp/PgDn keys aren’t really capable of being used by one hand. It would be nice if it was fn + PgUp/PgDn or just PgUp/PgDn on their own (like how just home and end cycle through glyphs) so you can be using mouse/pen tablet with one hand and cycling through with the other.

I could also just be getting more and more lazy…

There are also scripts for cycling through masters along each axis (in case you want to jump between weights or widths).

Years ago I set one-hand-useable shortcuts in glyphs 2 like this:
command+shift+1=previous master
command+shift+2=next master,
and they still work as expected in glyphs 3 [3133].
But: these don’t show up in the preferences shortcut menu (which seems somehow broken since a long time …), neither in »all« nor in »customized«.

That would be so helpful, I wish I could still install that in Glyphs 3.

Hey Rainer, also just wanted to note that in the Menu it says you can toggle between masters using the Opt+ArrowUp and ArrowDown keys but that doesn’t work. That would have been great!!

Any chance you can remove the Opt portion on the Opt+PgUp/PgDn shortcut?

That is not arrow up/down. It is PageUp/PageDown. You can simulate PageUp/PageDown with fn-up/down (on a MacBook keyboard).

The system icons for PageUp/Down are not well designed.

Opt-arrows would be a bad idea because you need it for editing.