Shortcut for Open Corner, Reconnect Nodes, Make Node First

Are already sc for those? I need those shortcuts for a faster work flow. How can I configure/view them? Ty

There is a menu item in Path > Other. You can assign a shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.

Select one node for Open Corner and two nodes for Reconnect.

Great, so for Make node First and open corner there isnt menu item, right?

The same menu works for both, reconnect and open corner depending on the selection.

reconnect nodes, all good, but the open corner part doesn’t work for me

This is a great workaround that has improved my workflow dramatically. Still can’t get Open Corner to work. I’ve spent some good time trying to figure out how to do it. Any tips for writing a simple script that accesses the Open Corner function?

Paths > Other > Open Corners was added to the menu in the latest beta. Now you can set a shortcut in System Preferences.

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How can I set a shortcut for ‘Make node first’ since it is not in Path > Other anymore ?

I don’t think that it was in the main menu.

Ok, but is there any way to add a shortcut to it?

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hi! Is there a workaround to make a shortcut for “make node first”, since it’s not in the menu?

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You can write your own ‘make node first’ script and then assign a shortcut in System Preferences. I can send you mine (wip), but my python level is pretty basic. I don’t want to be responsible for your glyphs crash.

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Kyle Benson already has a Make Node First script available here:

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Thx for the help! The script by Kyle didn’t work for me, unfortunately.
But I made one, feel free to try:

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I fixed Kyles script (if he accepts the pull request). Have a look at it. Yours works but is a bit wasteful.

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