Shortcut on Glyphs 3 cutting edge

Hello there,

the latest version of Glyphs 3 doesn’t keep a shortcut for a plug in. It works for a while and then, without restarting the app, stop working. The plug in is Green Harmony. have you ever experienced such problem? Am I doing something wrong?

Probably a conflict with another shortcut. Which shortcut are you trying to use?

What shortcut are you trying to set and how do you do it?

Well, it is not a big deal, I mean, everything is working perfectly fine, in the app even other shortcut I set.
Regarding this case, there is no conflict, I checked and the plug in I’m trying to use with a shortcut is “Green Harmony” by Slobzheninov. I used the shortcut settings menu in the preferences setting menu. I just wonder why this is happening just for plug in menu and not, for example, for path menu. Maybe I’m doing something wrong…