Is there a short cut that when held down — in a smooth connection - symmetrically mirrors the opposite handle to that which is being moved…? similar to fontlab. Just find this kind of handy on occasion. No worries if not!

Hold down ctrl-opt while dragging a handle.

But for recreating curvatures, the Fit Curve function (ctrl-opt-1…8) is more effective, because you can simultaneously influence all handles on both segments. Or any number of selected segments, actually.

boom… thanks mekkablue!

Hold down ctrl-opt while dragging a handle.

FWIW this has always only halfway worked for me, as I detailed here:

True. It works only on the first handle of a segment.

Just came back to check why this wasn’t working. Just to confirm I have the same bug here.

Take the other handle and it should work.

oh I did… just confirming!