Shortcuts for adjusting sidebears and kerning become unresponsive

relatively regularly the shortcuts for adjusting sidebears and kerning get unresponsive while switching through tools
not sure what steps exactly to reproduce

The shortcuts are only available in the Text tool. Does it help to double click the currently active layer again?

yea ofcourse it only available in text tool.
im saying when switching tools and returning to text the keys remain unresponsive

I have experienced it too, and could never reliably reproduce it. Workaround: so far, switching away from, and back to Glyphs always helped.

Speaking of which, sample text window shortcut is not always reliable either.

I have the same problem. From time to time, shortcuts for metrics & kerning stop working. I cannot reproduce, it is quite random but at the same time quite frequent. Especially if I work with placeholders and navigate through glyphs using Fn+Arrows.

Ahaaaa, that rings a bell: same thing here. If @Tosche works with placeholders a lot too, we might be on to something.

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Not at all, sorry. Mine is about sample text, and not about kerning shortcuts. I for one never had that problem.