Should be Masters?

All I’m trying to do is trying to add a black outline to an existing font.

To begin with: every time I try to make a change, it says the file is locked and to Save As something else to edit. Well, the file drop down doesn’t even offer a Save As option; just Save. I figured out a way to unlock, but it seems pointless since when I click on Font Info…no Masters tab…or any tabs for that matter.

I can’t find the color palettes…nothing. Please assist this layperson!

How do I get this??

What do you mean by “no masters tab”? The screenshot you posted shows a masters tab.

What kind of file did you open, and which exact app version are you using?

yes, it would only let me upload one screenshot. That was the example from a tutorial I was following. The latest attachment is what I get when I click Font info…no tabs. thank you

The tutorial is for Glyphs 3, you have Glyphs Mini.

Can you upload a sketch what you are trying to achieve? Then we can advice how to do that in Mini.

Thanks your reply. In an ideal world, I’d be able to change the font fill color and retain the black outline.

That is only possible in the full version of Glyphs to build it into one font.

What you could do, is to make two fonts (in two files) that have the same metrics. Then you would place them on top of each other in your documents.