Should I export case variant, narrow and letter specific marks?

This is something I’ve been wondering: I have all the usual latin combing marks but I also have case variants, narrow variants and specific marks for things like ogoneks.

Can any software use these other variant marks? They don’t have Unicode values and I’m not sure that any software can position things like the stroke and slash combining marks without use of anchors.

You can include them in ccmp.

Good question if you should though. Decide on how important Latin mark attachment (which is rather rare in the first place) is for that font and then decide to export or not export. For a webfont, I would probably avoid export to keep the size low.

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Thanks Eric.

If you export TrueType, keeping them actually saves space as all the glyphs that use them don’t need to be decomposed.

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Ah, that’s good to know too. Thanks Georg