Should I use Private Use Unicode?


I have designed a typeface of icons for my company to use within its packaging artwork and instruction manuals. Please see the below screenshot of the glyphs so far.

The icons Venus and Mars have unicodes as they are standard symbols. What I am asking is should I assign the symbols that don’t have a unicode a PUA ( E000-F8FF)?

This has come up because we are trying to develop some scripts within Adobe software and we believe that the unicodes are a good way of identifying the icons.

Thanks for the help, I have designed typefaces before but never had an issue with the unicodes as I have developed standard alphabets.

It depends on who you ask. I like to have a Unicode code point assigned to every glyph, using Private Use Area codes for glyphs that otherwise have no code point. Others consider that a sin and keep such glyphs unassigned.

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