Show all glyph combinations

is there a way that i can see all possible kerning pairs? i want to check that all is good, without manually trying every combination of glyphs… thanks!

Usually you don’t look at all possible combinations. Too many that are never used. The built-in sample texts have the most common problematic pairs. The pairs between all standard letters are not so interesting – the rare cases of accents colliding are. But you don’t find those in a full enumeration. Because that will give you many thousands of pairs and finding the few interesting pairs is impossible or at least too tedious.

And the most overlooked pairs are not even between letters but between letters and punctuation (f+?, f+*).

If you still like to go that route there is a plugin that can help with that:
Or you write a script.

There are two mekkablue scripts, Kerning > GapFinder and Kerning Kern Crasher for finding problematic pairings. For more details, see: