"show all glyphs that use this glyph as a component" on multiple glyph selection?

I would find it super useful to be able to select multiple glyphs in edit view (like all diacritics, or all base glyphs), and have the option, “show all glyphs that use this glyph as a component”
Please please :slight_smile:

You mean like this?

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Nice! Yes this could work, I’ll look into it more, thanks Mark.
I still think it would be nice to instantly lay out sample texts like /dieresiscomb/adieresis/edieresis…/dotaccentcomb/cdotaccent/edotaccent…/gravecomb/agrave/egrave…

Like this then? Made it years ago and didn’t touch it since then. Might need a tweak for python3 or changed GlyphsApp API now.

Yesss! perfect!
I actually already had it installed and it works smoothly. Sometimes the solution is right there…
Merci beaucoup!