"Show all instances" not showing rounded corners parameter

2.3.1 (901) In the preview pane, with Show all instances selected, the instances that include a custom parameter for rounding corners no longer show the effects of the parameter in the preview. (The parameter does take effect on the exported fonts.)

I think this has been broken and fixed before. But it seems to be broken again.

Fixed it

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I think i have same problem now, nothing happens when i add custom parameter to instance.
Screenshoot in attachment.

Is its broken again, or am i doing something wrong?

It is just a cosmetic bug. It will show on the exported font. Which version of Glyphs are you running?

Glyphs 2, newest version, but will be able to send you exact version tommorow.

After using File > Export instances nothing happend. It export just two, same looking files. Even simple filters like “remove overlaping” do nothing.

The latest stable version (895) or the latest cutting edge version (913)?

The exported fonts do not show any signs of the filters applied? Please redownload Glyphs in that case.

The preview inside Glyphs can only show certain filters, otherwise it would be too slow.

How do you check that the Remove Overlap is not applied?

Ok, now i understand. When i use File > Export everything works perfectly good, but the File > Export instances do nothing. It is same bug as previous.

However, thanks for you patience.

I do not think there is a command called Export Instances. Do you mean Generate Instances? That is not a bug in that case, it just generates new documents for each instance, and keeps the parameters in place. If outline-changing parameters were applied, you could not add them as masters to another setup anymore.