Show Angled Handles on 3.3 (3301) warning

Hello everyone, I just update to the cutting edge version and after restarted this warning show up. Before the update the plugin work fine.

Glyphs 3.3 (3301) all modules installed, Python 3.11.6
iMac 2020, Catalina 10.15.6
Any help would be great. Thanks in advance

Can you remove and re-install the plugin?

I did it. But at the end, same warning.
I deleted the software, restart the machine and only try with this plugin (all modules installed again first), same warning.
I tryed with previous versions, same. And what it’s sad, with the version (3258) that use to work, now dosen’t

I had a look and the last update of the plugin was bad. I fixed it. So reinstall the plugin again and it should work.

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The update fixed it for me.

Thanks, Georg. Everything work perfect.
Take care