Show full glyph in font view

I’m prototyping a dingbat font for fantasy maps on a hexagonal grid and I’ve run into a problem that I don’t know how to deal with to work comfortably:

In font info I have adjusted the descending value so that the hexagons fit in the edit view:

but in the font view only a part of the glyphs is shown, and since many glyphs are very similar it is not possible to discern which is one or the other:

Is it possible somehow to see the full glyphs in font view?

The outlines of the glyph go way outside the glyph box. Consider scaling the outlines down so that they fit or increase the UPM value to make the glyph box larger.

The size of the drawing in relation to the ascender+descender is unusual. Normally the drawings fit in between the two. And the ‘units per em’ should be in the same ballpark. It actually should be the distance between two lines of those tiles.

But I wonder why you have so many tiles in one glyph. Wouldn’t it be more flexible to only have one per glyph?

The outlines are inside the glyph box, but the descender is like -505.

Anyway, I’ll need bigger glyphs covering various hexagons but in the same glyph box size.

Each hexagon or tile is a glyph!
if you look closer the first image, tyhere are 3 lines of text, 3 characters each.

Increase the ascender/descender and UPM and then use the “EditView Line Height” custom parameter in the font settings to get the lines together in the edit view.

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Big thanks!

I left the descender at 0 and used the “EditView Line Height” custom parameter. I’ve also found that in master I can use “preview ascender” and “preview descender” parameters to adjust the glyph view in font view, in case I need it.

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