Show Group Members – script

I want to turn on the View → Show Group Members from script, as a step in the prepare to kerning actions. Keyboard shortcut is not what I’m looking for.

I started thinking about something like:

name = 'Show Group Members'
submenu =[VIEW_MENU].submenu()
index = submenu.indexOfItemWithTitle_(name)
entry = submenu.itemArray()[index]
state = entry.state()
action = entry.action()
target =

And then I found this comment:

Is it the right way to do it at all?

Wouldn’t put it in a script, rather a plug-in because it gets loaded at startup. Try the generic extension in the templates in the GlyphsSDK.

So it is possible just not in the way I’m looking for.
Thanks Rainer, I understood an approach.

try this:


Thanks Georg.
I tried it right on the Macro panel in Glyphs 3.1.2 (3151) but not sure I’m doing right.

I’m not a developer. I can write something simple on Python and Glyphs objects and methods using the tutorials, but this looks too complicated for me now :slight_smile: If there is no way to do it with an internal script, no problem.

You found a regression in the 3.2 version :wink:
for 3.1.2, use this:

from GlyphsApp import GSCallbackHandler
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Cool, that’s just works :raised_hands:, thank you so much!

BTW, I tried the 3.2 cutted edge version but there is that annoing problem (when I open the project file, also the “Start Window” and “Font Info” windows open too) so I rolled back to stable version, but that’s another story.