Show Instances Not Displaying All Instances


I’m in the latest version of 3.1 and working on a file with 5 exports, however I’m only getting four instances in the instance preview. I’m interpolating between a Thin and Bold weight and I only see the Light and Semibold weights in the preview and not the regular weight that should sit right in the middle. Path directions and master compatibility all seems to be in order too. I’ve generated instances and there seems to be nothing wrong there.

I’ve checked other files with more than four exports and I get the same preview with only four weights. Am I missing something? Any help would be really appreciated as I’d like to see them all as I make refinements.

Ps. If I switch the instance view to any of the weights I can see them individually, including the Regular weight.

Can you open the instances popup and check if all eye symbols are active?

Perfect! I knew I must have missed something super simple!