Show Kerning Pairs

I used to use Wei’s script (Show Kerning Pairs) that would open a new tab showing kerning for the selected glyph.
This script doesn’t seem to work anymore and hasn’t been updated for 3 years (GitHub)
Is there another script out there that does the same trick and is up to date to work with 2.6 ?

Did you ever have any luck finding a similar script?

Oh i forgot about this, it works again, using it a lot!

I was trying this out. Have you noticed it having an issue with kerning group names? If one of the pairs has a group name, other than its glyph name, then it skips over it leaving a blank.

For example, Ta (@T @a) works but To (@T @round) doesn’t.

Actually you’re right, hadn’t used it for a while and something is not right
I wouldn’t know how to fix this
maybe try to contact Wei again

I’ve posted an issue about it on Wei’s github

awsome! Can you keep me posted if things are moving?

You can see it here for yourself. Consider the Watch option on GitHub to get automatic notifications.

Along with the github issue, I posted an attempt at a fix. Seems to be working but something still feels off. Check it out and see if everything is working for you. Also, it’s currently only showing the kerning pairs for the specific glyph selected…would it be more helpful to see everything with the same group name as the selected letter? i.e. if ‘E’ is selected that you would also see ‘ÊẾǼ etc.’

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to use use Wei’s script ‘Show Kerning Pairs’ and is not working on Glyphs 3.
Is there another script out there that does the same function?
Thank you.

I do not know the script. Can you describe what functionality you want?

Also what do you mean by not working? What route do you get in the Macro window?

Are you sure you mean script, not plug-in? Have a look at Window > Plug-in Manager and browse through its tabs.

The ’Show Kerning Pairs’ script can be found via Plugin Manager > Scripts > Wei Huang’s Scripts or in

It shows the kerning pairs for the selected glyph in a new tab. For example, if you select the glyph ‘A’ and run the script, a new tab will appear with all the kerning pairs for the glyph ‘A’, like: AO AC AV Ao Aq Av and so on…

Regarding the macro window, the script runs with a few red KeyErrors and no tab appears.

Thank you.

They should work now

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Thank you :wink: