Shx Extension

I have a client asking about converting Font to work on AutoCAD application with Shx extension. Is there a tool that can convert the font from otf or ttf to Shx, what are your suggestions.

Never heard about SHX tbh. Found this:

Shape font (. SHX ) is the most widely used font style for AutoCAD. AutoCAD generally supports two type of fonts True Type fonts TTF and shape fonts SHX.

So, TTF should work as well. Or not?

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I had a quick look at the format and it seems to be somehow familiar. As if I have dealt with the format on some point.

The advantage of a shx font would be that it sported open paths.

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Thanks for your attention, I sent your response to the customer, and I sent him a copy of the font with the TTF extension. I am still waiting for his response, as soon as his response arrives, I will inform you of it.

What was his response?

There is a plugin that can write shp/x fonts from Glyphs:

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