Sidebearings are over 1000 include comma

I’m adjusting a sidebearing that is greater than -1000 and noted that when I use the shift up or shift down to increase the value by 10, Glyphs appears to automatically insert a comma into the value, causing an error.

For example. -1200 → -1,210 causes:
Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 9.03.29 AM

This is on version 3.2-3227.

If there is a desire to include punctuation into larger values, it should be presentation-only. Else, drop entirely since it makes it difficult to quickly edit large values such as this.

In Glyphs 3151, I can see this happening for a split second, but then it jumps directly back to the desired non-formatted value (however, my localized number format is using a period as a thousand separator, not a comma)

in Glyphs 3227, this is not an issue here. It works just as expected.

I tried with a box of width 4000 and the sidebearings on both sides @ -1200, using the arrow keys with/without shift.

Hm. I am also on 3227 and am encountering the issue.
Interestingly, it appears to work OK (I see the same momentary flicker of the separator) in the kern panel, but not the sidebearings.

I can’t reproduce this. Can you send me a screen recording?

Sure. Will send in a few min.

Thanks. It only happens if one sets it “Region” to USA. In Germany, it works fine. But I found a way to prevent this.

Ha! Good old USA.

Developers LOVE number and date formats :smirk:

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