Sidebearings doesn't update

Hi All
Many thanks for invaluable software and documentation. There’s just one major thing slowing down my workflow. If I go to lets say RMX Tuner and stretch 124%, hit go and check, then the accented glyphs are stuck on fx -80 on the right sidebearing, while the base glyph like A, is fine. clicking update metrics doesn’t help, and the only fix for now is to go copy, delete and paste the accent back for each glyph, or of course to disable auto alignment, select the relevant glyphs and write 55 fx. Is there something here that I’m not aware of, or some script to help?

Do you use auto aligned components? That should take care of it.

I actually don’t. I have this terrible old approach. Will try that for next time, but it would be cool with something that just respects the metrics of a base glyph, instead of an accent. If you know what I mean.

That something is the alignment I was talking about :wink: