Simplify Paths, per script or filter?

Dear All,

what is the best work around simplifying a path that looks like? Are there any plugins around?

I’d ideally decrease the amount to a minimum, while keeping close to the outline.

Thank you!

What do you mean by simplifying?

A completely straight vector? That is hard to guess, better do it manually.

Less, but still rough? Use the Roughen filter.

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hi @mekkablue

thank you! My problem is that my path is already super rough (like in the screenshot). So I’d like to go the other way round: erase most of the nodes on it and only keep few of them (lets say: the corner points of the shape). Similarly how the “simplify” function works in Illustrator.

Thank you!

That is what the Roughenizer does. You can determine how many nodes you want to keep. Please give it a try and experiment with the values.