Size of a blank/space

where can I define how wide a blank in my font should be? (like, when i hit the space-bar)

thank you!

It depends upon the font. Generally speaking, set a sentence and see how good the spaces look until you are satisfied with it. As an example, a condensed face would have a narrower space than a regular-width font. The weight of the font also comes into play.

You could go to and set a couple of words with spaces in similar fonts to yours and get an idea of where to start.

Thanks for the quick reply, but thats not 100% what i meant. My Font is finished and the spacing is alright, only the blanks appear too big when i use it. How can I make them smaller?

There should be a space character in your font. That is where you set the value. If one is not already there you need to add it.

Bear in mind that if you are setting justified copy rather than flush left, right or centered, that space will enlarge sometimes.

Start in the 250-300 u range, depending on how narrow or wide the font is. Then do lots of testing.

Case closed. Thank you very much. Appears that i accidentially deleted the blank space from my font… Added it back in and everything is fine again.