Slant Transformation Problem

Dear all,

When I want to apply the slant transformation, the path jumps weirdly high or low instead of around its middle section like it used to.

Thanks in advance for your help!

That’s because you use vertical slant.
You should use “Slant left” or “Slant Right” just above. :wink:

Thats not the problem. I want the selected horizontal path to be slanted the way it is in the second screenshot but for some reason the path shoots way up or down when I apply the slant. The path normally slants around its middle point.

It worked already a few days ago and now it has this weird bug (I dont know if it is an actual bug or if I just have something activated that causes this weird stretching).

What would that do on a horizontal line segment?

It indeed should. Does the same happen when you select other origin points in the panel just above?

When I select slant left or right the segments jumps to the left or right and the whole rectangle is slanted.

Yes, I tried selecting different origin points but the problem remained the same.

You’re not by any chance in the Rotation tool mode? Make sure you’re in the Selection tool.

What do you expect to happen when you select two nodes and slant horizontally?

Nothing, that’s the point. But something does happen, it sounds like the origin is somehow different, as is demonstrated by the vertical slant.

Normally the path just slanted in position around the middle point, but for some reason now it stretches the whole rectangle and the path is some 2000 x units up.

Thats what normally happened:

Thats what happens now:

I hope I am explaining it well.
I use it to make a point on the end of some letters and it was quick because I just had to select the path, slant it and that was it.
Now when I slant it, it shoots up and I have to drag the slanted path down and align it manually.

In this example, it worked and I selected each path and just slanted it by 60 degrees.

I can confirm that both slantings appear to have a miscalculated origin at the moment.

Update: only partial selections are affected. Complete shapes slant correctly.

Ok thanks for the quick response!

Looking forward for the fix, will save me a lot of time for my diploma :wink:

Thanks for reporting this. I fixed it.

Thank you! Will it work again with the next update?