Slanted bounding box values

hello georg,

I really like the possibility of the slanted bounding box for italics.

I am working on an italic caractare at the moment. slanting the bounding box shows me unchanged L and R spacing values compared to the not slanted bounding box. only mesuring with the mesure tool allows me to see the right values.
that seems od to me.
did I miss something to show me the right values?
Thanks for your help.

The sidebearing values are not updated immediately after changing the italic angle. This is a known bug.

Save and reopen the font and the values should be fixed.


To Georg,

I would like to draw some italic fonts.
Could you explain how to setup a slanted bounding box inside glyphs as I only see a vertical bounding box at present and would like to design an Italic version of my typeface.



Just set the italic angel in Font Info > Masters

And did you fix the sidebearing bug in slanted box? If the x-height is different or set small cap height in custom parameter, it gives different values.


I see you are a type designer any references to typography from the UK.



Hello Georg,

Iā€™m having trouble figuring out how to angle my artboard so I can more easily space and kern italics for my font. I saw your note above, but when I apply this to my master (ā€œ26 bottom italic: 9ā€) it has no effect and the artboard remains vertical. Any help is much appreciated!


You need to add a metric (not a custom parameter) and set it to Italic Angle. The cutting edge version will add that automatically in more places.

Thank you so much!!!