Slanted metrics for italic components

When you are working with italic font, the components ( are showing straight metrics lines. It takes ages to find the correct posioning so they attach the way they are supposed to.
Is there any way to show italic angle not just for base set of characters but for all “helpers” too?

Or it is not advisible to use this kind of componets for an italic font?

A glyph called shows slanted metrics lines for me. Can you send me your file?

Sorry! I meant _cap elements! Not _part.

yes. for the _caps it is more convenient to have not slanted bounding box. Because you need to know where the zero point is.

When you use _caps with italics, I added a new mode. instead of an origin anchor, add a node1 and node2 anchor where the two nodes of the original paths should be. Then set the alignment to centre and it the angle and alignment will stick to those two points and not to the angle of the adjacent segments.


Excellent, thank you, Georg. Will give it a go.

Ok. Looks like I’m doing something really wrong here, because the cap component refuses to look like it is supposed to. node1 seems to be aligned alright but node 2 - nope.
The question is - what should I do to fix this. Here is screens:

Basically, “y” should look exactly like “g”. But it refuses to. I’ve got two anchors set in the cap component: node1 and node2. The left point is aligned to 0:0 coordinates (not sure if it has to tho).

And the the component is center aligned

You need to get either the starting nodes to be above the baseline or you need to add “left” and “right” anchors to tell it what direction it gets in and out.
the idea is to do it like this:

Put the same stoke you like to align to in the background layer. Then you can very precisely position the anchors.

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That works! Thanks, Georg! :relaxed: