Small Cap Height Anchors + Variable Fonts Glyphs 3 latest

My anchors in small caps are ok in the lighter weights but don’t change when adding weight in variable fonts. OTF instance exports work fine. Diacritics are components within .sc diacritics.

Check video to see the exported version in axis praxis and the font file in Glyphs.

Any thoughts? Should I decompose the small cap diacritics?

Also tried script anchor mover to move anchors to custom small cap height metrics but it didn’t recognize it.

Can you send me the file?

Sent file to support email, Georg.

Your setup of the small cap height metrics can be improve by setting it to “x-height”. That way, the automatic anchor placement is using the right height automatically.
If all anchors are setup correctly, it works fine for me.

So just change the filter in the metrics setup to include small caps in the x-height and that’s it?

Something like this?

Or really changing the height of the small caps to match the x-height?

This is what you mean, right?
Is there a problem setting two x-height metrics in the font? This seems super counter intuitive to me.

The second is almost there. Remove the title from it (it has a automatic title anyway).

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Can you show the correct setting for Small Cap Hight in Glyphs 3 ? I think I set it similar to @rosaiani but am having some issues with script that are still claiming my Small Caps don’t have a zone.

Which script?

New Tab with Glyphs not reaching into Zones , New Tab with Top and Bottom not on Metric Lines.

Can you send a screenshot on how to set SC hight correctly ?

This is what I have now:

The setup looks okay to me. The scripts probably need another update.

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