Small caps as capitals and lowercase

I’m wondering if there’s a script or some quick method of exporting a font where it takes the small caps and replaces the capitals and lowercase letters. I have a typeface where I need to export a webfont which has only small caps glyphs.

Do you know how to handle the Rename Glyphs parameter? You could do it with that. But if you want to replace both UC and LC, you will need two sets of SC.

Hi! So I tried using the Rename Glyphs parameter on export to make a ‘small caps as lowercase’ version for my font, but the anchors and components and diacritics we’re going all over the place, (maybe the small caps inherited the anchors of the lowercase?) How do I correctly use this parameter?

Which version of the app are you using?

The Rename glyphs parameter should not influence the anchors. Where do your see the error?
Can you send me a file that shows the problem?

It’s version 3.1 (3133)

Sure! I see the error in the exported otf, so I’ll send both along with the .glyphs for you to check. Where can I send them?

Please send it to support at this domain.

Sorry that it took so long.
you need to add all the accented letters to the “Rename Glyphs” parameter, too.

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