Small caps eszett

Is there a way to make small caps germandbls work in Indesign? I tried adding a Smallcaps class and the following to CALT:
sub @Smallcaps @Smallcaps germandbls’ by germandbls.smcp.calt;
sub germandbls’ @Smallcaps by germandbls.smcp.calt;
This doesn’t work. The layout engine converts germandbls to s.smcp s.smcp so the substitution never gets triggered. I changed the code to
sub @Smallcaps @Smallcaps s.smcp s.smcp’ by germandbls.smcp.calt;
sub s.smcp’ @Smallcaps by germandbls.smcp.calt;
This substitutes germandbls with germandbls.smcp.calt but also substitutes some instances of s to germandbls.smcp.calt.
Is there a way to make small caps germandbls work in Indesign or is it just broken until they update the layout engine to support capital germandbls?

Not every instance of ss can be replaced by ß in German. That won’t produce orthographically correct results.

InDesign would have to add an option how to hande casing of ß, as both options are allowed (cap ß or SS). Or users can switch to the “World-ready composer” which doesn’t apply special treatment to ß.

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Jens is right, the classic composer overrides what you have in your font and will replace ß with double-S once you switch to all caps or small caps. It is not a good idea to try to outsmart the layout engine with an OT feature.

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