Small caps, salt & dlig with bracket layers. Don't work in web

Hi. I made alternative small capitals (smcp+salt features enabled) and discretional ligatures (dlig enabled) with bracket layers, all of them worked fine in Adobe Illustrator, but I tested font on AxisPraxis and Dinamodarkroom, rvrn feature + other substitutions fails there.
Maybe you know there is a problem - in features code or in these websites only?
I think, if we can put rvrn feature to the bottom of features list, it will be better. I’m not sure :wink:45

The problem is that “rvrn” is always executed first. So we need to use a different feature for that. rlig is a good candidate but it isn’t working in Illustrator (And it shouldn’t work in Illustrator. What version do you have). You can use the Feature for Feature Variations custom parameter to pick a feature.

And you can’t write a rvrn feature in code. The feature variations are not supported by makeOTF and there is not even a syntax in the spec.

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I tried to use “rlig” and it works fine on web. And as you said in illustrator (tested in AI2019, AI2020) this feature doesn’t work.

There is no chance to use both features, anyway?

That is interesting. I thought that Illustrator changed the behaviour some time ago. So putting it into rvrn and rlig would make it work in both. I need to have a look.

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I found another interesting thing.
This font use bracket layers in basic glyphs (not alternates or ligatures), it works fine in Adobe illlustrator all time, without special requirements.
On the web (axis-praxis & dinamodarkroom) interpolation works fine, if we have one or more glyphs in the string near the glyph with bracket layers. If it stay alone in the string, then RVRN feature don’t work.
interpolation on web (rvrn feature).zip (1.1 MB)

I think that RLIG feature also as RVRN doesn’t work good on the web now.
It works same as RVRN with standing alone glyphs. But with RLIG we can use bracket layers in alternative glyphs.

Some situations:

  1. RLIG + alone glyph (not alternative form, not ligature) with bracket layers - doesn’t work
  2. RLIG + alone glyph (not alternative form, not ligature) with bracket layers + any feature enabled - it works
  3. RLIG + glyph (not alternative form, not ligature) with bracket layers + any other glyph near in the string - it works
  4. RLIG + ligature (or discretionary ligature) glyph with bracket layers + enabled feature liga (dlig) - switching between shapes in interpolation works fine in this glyph and also it works in standing alone glyphs too.