Small Caps w/ Hand Drawn Font

I was reading about RMX Scaler for smallcaps but 1) I have Glyphs Mini and not sure if I can use and 2) not sure how to define stem width if they are all different

You can’t use RMX in Glyphs Mini.

And if you have a very irregular design, you should draw the small caps from scratch.

Got it. If I’m using Glyphs Mini, I assume I have to make a separate otf file for small caps as opposed to created masters as you do in the full version of Glyphs?

Also if I’m trying to test spacing for small caps as .sc glyphs, how do I type them out in preview mode so I can see them near each other within the app? I only know how to double click on the glyphs window in Illustrator to make them work there.

If you call your glyphs, then Glyphs Mini will generate the small caps feature automatically.

To edit them, you need to use the cmd+F dialog to add your .sc glyphs to the edit view.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean with command f - when in preview mode or font view and hit command f nothing happens.

If you are in edit mode, a glyph selection dialog will pop up.

I’m sorry - for some reason I’m not able to make it happen. I added all of the smallcaps back into the main file as .sc’s and tried hitting command f in font view and edit view but nothing happens. Is there a way to access the dialog box in the toolbar? I opened “glyph info” under “window” but I don’t think that’s it bc I can’t find the small caps and it just adds new characters to the font, not edit view. I’m clearly missing something.

No, I just tried it myself and there seems to be a bug in the latest Glyphs MIni which prevents Edit > Find > Find… (Cmd-F) from being enabled.

Workaround: select and copy glyphs in Font view, switch to Edit view, paste them in Text mode (T).

Sorry about the inconvenience until this is fixed.

Ok thanks for letting me know - I can use your method in the meantime. I should probably know this, but if I want to have caps, lowercase, small caps and italic styles for a font, do I create them all in the same file or create 2 files: one caps, lowercase, small caps and one italic?

Italic in a different file.

Great, thanks

Another question - when I export my otf font with caps, lowercase, and .sc small caps and try using it in Illustrator with the OpenType panel, there are no options for choosing small caps (all buttons are greyed out at the bottom). Also, if I’m using the Glyphs panel and selecting to list only “Small Capitals”, only the small cap numbers and punctuation / symbols show up. I can only double click small cap letters in the “Entire Font” list.

AI does not support Smallcaps.