Smaller second diacritic mark

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to automatically have the second diacritic mark be a certain percentage smaller in the case specific combining marks, especially for those mark combinations that are generated on the fly by the user while typing. Is there some kind of way to do it with OT features?

For instance: in / my breve is normal sized, but the acute is at 78% both ways. This way of handling double accents in uppercase letters fits my design quite well. How do I get this behaviour to be generated when a user types combinations that are not preset by myself?

Any suggestions?

Hello. I found this document very useful:

(see attached pdf)

Thanks, seems like an interesting read

if you have a set of smaller accents, add code to the ccmp feature:

sub [acutecomb gravecomb ...] [acutecomb gravecomb ...]' by [acutecomb.small gravecomb.small ...];

Thanks Georg, I will investigate that.

I am looking into your answer right now and I assuming your code would replace the second mark on every combined diacritic, right? How could I define it so it would actually only be the case for the Uppercase class?

I assume you mean something like this:

sub @Uppercase @TopMarks @TopMarks' by @TopMarksSmall;

It is very easy to learn OT feature code. You can start here:
Also take a look at the links under Resources.

Danke Rainer! I think I will be able to handle it now.