Smaller Suggestions in terms of Workflow

Hi Everyone,

I got two little suggestions in terms of a faster drawing-workflow.

1) Could be nice to make a copy of a form while holding down “alt” and use arrows to make a copy - just like in adobe apps.

2) Would be nice to have the „break off node“-function in context-menu.
(And in this case I had an idea: customizable context-menu? F.e. in the phase of drawing I need other contexts than in hinting.) An alternative could be to use something like “alt”-“click” to break a node.

G o

  1. There is already a function assigned to Alt+arrows on selection.
  2. Glyphs does not allow two open nodes to be on the same position. It may be useful to have “open corner + break off” function in one command, but it sounds too minor to add to the context menu.

With “Break node” you mane to open the path? That can be done with the pen tool.


  1. using „alt“+arrows doesn’t work for me (?)
  2. yes, could be that this action is too minor

yes I mean „break node“, but I think its right, could be to minor for context menu


With the Option key held down,

  1. moving a BCP preserves its angle,
  2. moving a node leaves the surrounding BCPs in their place.
  3. moving a path, component or anchor duplicates it.

now it works,
I have to press down alt first, then click.
I was surprised, that there is no indicator like a duplicate arrow for cursor : )