Smallest size in Font View

I usually move the size slider in the Font View all the way to the left, to make the glyphs as small as possible (after all, the Font View is not for inspecting the exact shapes).

The smallest size is still too large for my taste, and I’d like to be able to make the glyphs smaller.

Would it be possible to adjust the range so as to allow for really small glyphs? Btw, some sort or non-linear behaviour of that slider might be sensible if you know what I mean.

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You can try different sizes not reachable by the slider via scripting:

We’ll consider expanding the slider range on both ends. Would be interesting to know what size feels comfortable to you.

I just added:

Glyphs.defaults["GSFontViewMinIconSize"] = 20
Glyphs.defaults["GSFontViewMaxIconSize"] = 200

Thanks for pointing out the scripting solution. It seems 40 is the current minimum via the slider, right?

After a quick test on my iMac 24", I’d say:

• 20 is very small but sometimes it could be useful for seeing the whole font. Could be a sensible minimum for the slider. At this size, the overall layout could be more compact, and the indentation (and size) of the category names feels too large.

• 30 feels comfortable for general use.

• I see the point for using a very large size for proofing purposes, though, something like 300-400 maybe.

Thanks, Georg!

I think the defaults are OK. Smaller sizes means that there are more glyphs to render and that can lead to performance problems if the glyphs have a smart components or a lot brace layers.

Hmmm… I don’t know about smart components but aren’t brace layers ignored in the Font View?

The brace layers are still inspected to draw the incompatible-outlines icon.