Smart component renaming function request

I have some smart component with the same name, so I have to rename them by adding suffix 1, 2, 3 after the same name. Instead of reminding “replace it”, can you add a new function to keep it and add suffix automatically, just like what we do with same name files in windows browser.
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How exactly did you rename the glyph?

used selected part to create smart component. when I create a same name part, I have to set a name plus suffix if there is any already there. I hope it could be automatically add a suffix if possible. so I don’t have to check it manually before renaming.

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any idea?

Sorry for not answering earlier.
You mean when you type a name that is already taken, it should automatically add a number?

an pop us message asking to “replace” or “add as new”, would be great.

I found a simpler solution:

It shows an exclamation mark if the name is already taken. So you can edit the name until you have a unique name.



in the new update 3125, it’s not included. can you update this ,pls?


That change is scheduled for the next bigger update. That will be out as soon I can finish 3.0.5.

thanks. I hope this bigger update is not very long. Last time you told me “bigger update” is still not coming, and it’s been a long time.

Is this a big change? several updates recently, but there is no update of this .

That big update is pushed a bit further. Sorry.