Smart Component Settings UI - Maybe checkboxes?

I feel like it’d be great to have a binary checkbox for things like cap components within smart components. For example, if I am have a smart component _smart.stem, and I add a cap _cap.taper on either end… it would be (probably) helpful to automatically expose this as a checkbox (Enable/Disable each cap).

Sometimes I even have features built in to the smart components that I prefer either on or off rather than a gradient of values… perhaps if a user enters ‘0’ and ‘1’ as min/max values, this feature could be presented as a checkbox rather than a slider?


I don’t think that enabling cap components like this will work.

But showing checkboxes instead of slider for 0-1 ranges seems to be a good idea.

This would be helpful UI feature. I like the idea that setting min-max to 0-1 would automatically change slider to checkbox.