Smart components of normal glyphs

Hello, I would love to use the Smart Component feature when using normal glyphs as component.

Example use case: glyph copyright, composed from a ring and C.
In this example, I simply scaled down the C component. I would like to increase the weight, though, so I duplicated my C glyph, renamed it to _part.C, then used that as a smart component, having added a Weightproperty to the smart component:

This is somewhat of a nuisance. I tried using the C as a component in the _part.C glyph, but that stopped the smart component from working. So I can only use the decomposed C, and if I make changes to the C, I will have to make sure I update them in my _part.C glyph.

Is there some smarter way of achieving this? Thanks!

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Thank you very much! I didn’t realise I could simply add a smart component axis to any glyph. Works perfectly!