Smart corner connection not transitioning into curve properly


I have an issue with a font that I came back to after a few months. I’ve used smart corner components a lot for serifs. The problem is that the smart corner components connecting path is not transitioning correctly into a curve, creating a hard corner instead. I’m pretty sure this was not the case a few months ago working on this as I can not find any of the kinks in any of my old test sheets.

Here’s an example of a serif on /k:

This might be one of the cases where I should probably just decompose them but it’s always nice to use them as far as possible. I also wonder if something in the implementation of smart corners has changed during this time to cause a change in resulting paths.

Edit: Version 2.5b (1095)

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

@GeorgSeifert Sure, just sent to support address. Thanks.

@GeorgSeifert Did you have time to have a look at it?

I did look into this quite a bit but haven’t fixed it, yet.

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