Smart Filter glyph count doesn't update

I’m using colour labels to divide my glyph set into two groups: no colour label and cyan colour label, as shown in the screenshot below. The problem I’m having is, when I change the colour label on any glyphs, the count on the left sidebar does not update. It only updates if I close my project and reopen it.

This screenshot is taken immediately after adding the cyan colour label to all glyphs. The status bar at the bottom is correct, showing that 374/374 glyphs are matching the current Smart Filter, but the numbers in the sidebar should be “No colour label 0” and “Cyan colour label 374”.

This is a very small bug and not of much consequence to my workflow, just a little bit annoying.

Smart filters do not update live by design. This allows you to make modifications to the glyph info without glyphs disappearing from the list.


Switching to a different filter/category and switching back to the smart filter should update the list.

Yes I know that smart filters aren’t supposed to update live – that’s my thread you linked to. But that isn’t the bug I was reporting here. The count next to each filter in the sidebar does not update even when I switch to another filter and then switch back. It only updates if I close the project and reopen.

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I fixed it.

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Thanks so much! I figured it might be an easy thing to fix, but I try not to make that assumption when I’m not the developer :wink:

There are some other little things I’ve noticed that don’t update when they should. I’ll make a short list and post it when I have time.