Smart Filter "is Auto-Aligned" missing most diacritics

I’m finding in 2.6.2 (1245) that the “is Auto-Aligned” smart filter is not recognizing most letters with diacritics as auto-aligned, even though they are. /Eng, /i, /j, and most of the fraction stuff get picked up, but no sign of /Aacute, /aacute, etc.

It works for me. Are you sure the base glyphs are aligned as well?
Can you send me that file?

Hello, I take back on this matter : This filter seems to work only when components aligned thanks to anchors, not when components (whitout anchors) have enable automatic alignment. So it is expecting behavior ? Or it is supposed to include all kind of composites ? It would be nice if it is does :wink:

Version 2.6.5 (1296)

It does catch those for me, e.g. factions:


I am running into this issue too. From what I can gather, if there is a component in at least one master that has automatic alignment disabled then the filter doesn’t seem to include the glyph in the list…despite the glyph having automatic alignment enabled in the other masters.

Version 2.6.7 (1356)

Can you send me a sample file?