Smart glyphs and font features

Hey guys super quick question. I am trying to find if there is a way in glyphs to employ things like smart components to prevent duplicating accented characters for character variants.

Here is an example:

  • I have a base idotless that is being used in i as well as several accented i characters.
  • I have a idotless variant called idotless.cv01 which has a different shape than its counterpart. For this alternate I want to make sure that if you toggled on that alternate all the accented characters would change over.

Currently I am working around this by making all the accented characters again from the idotless.cv01 so they are kinda duped, and I am wondering if there is any other way / recommended way to do this, or if there are automated ways to make this happen.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much, S

You are doing it right.

You can also decompose all ā€œiā€ glyphs and then switch in the idotless.cv01.
The code for ccmp would look like this:

sub i by idotless dotaccentcomb;
sub iacute by idotless acutecomb;

This works everywhere expect in Adobe apps you need to switch to the Global typesetter (expect Photoshop, it is updated to use a proper layout engine, the others are hopefully updated soon).