Smart layer settings are unexpected

I follow the article Reusing shapes: smart components | Glyphs and see that the smart layer component settings look like this

I get this:

Does not compute.

You can find the latest info in the handbook here:

Essentially, it’s the same workflow, but instead of picking the minimum, maximum, or nothing for each layer and property from a menu, you now

  • check the left checkbox if the layer represents the minimum value (think Thin layer for a weight property),
  • the right checkbox for the maximum value (think Bold layer for a weight property),
  • and no checkbox if the layer is not about the property (think Bold layer for a optical size property).

Following the handbook (thank you for the link) all that happened was that the smart layers stopped interpolating (glyph now marked red).

I suspect the layers are not compatible. Or what do you mean by “marked red”?

Yes, the smart layers become non-interpolating the second I turn on smart settings.

When you say non-interpolating, do you mean the smart component can no longer be interpolated or that the glyph containing the component can no longer be interpolated?

The glyph that has the smart layers (I called them xheight) interpolate perfectly before any smart glyph settings have been defined/activated.

So I have the normal layers, and then another set called xheight. I enter the smart glyph settings and create a new property, and call it xheight (same as the layers). I then set the limit min. to -100 and max to 0. Then I click the layers tab, and make all the normal layers the right tick, and all the xheight the left tick. I click OK and the xheight layers stop interpolating.

Do I have to name each xheight layer uniquely?

Can you send me the file?